Monday, August 6, 2007

Wearing a Lot of Hats

I am wearing a lot of different hats this week. Paula Froehle, the Flashpoint Dean, is shooting a short film and Jim and I are shooting a "making of..." documentary to be used as a teaching tool. We have shot off and on for the last couple of weeks as Paula and her crew have been in pre-production. This week it is all production.

Paula's film, The Collector- based on a short story by Jonathan Lethem, will be finished by September 17- the first day of classes. The Collector and our "making of..." companion piece will be screened on that first day of class to illustrate the collaborative nature of all four Flashpoint disciplines. There is a lot of work ahead of us.

Jim and I are shooting with the same gear as my students will use, so not only do I get a practical lesson on workflow and the ins and outs of this new (HD) technology, but this process will make me a better teacher. You can never stop learning. So far I have really liked what we have shot. The future is here.

Additionally, Tuesday through Friday afternoons this week, I will have eight incoming Flashpoint students on the set and I will be teaching them "production in action." As Paula shoots, I will be working these students in with her key crew. I will be able to literally stop the production and have these students ask questions and really mix with professional filmmakers. We are using this experience as a dry run for a larger Production in Action class Flashpoint students will take in January. I will keep you posted on developments.


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