Friday, August 3, 2007

My Cousin Bob

So more international filmmaking, but try to top this.

My brainiac cousin Bob is an expert on glacial ice. He has spent an entire year in Greenland and two, six month stretches in Antartica. He currently lives in England where he is a researcher at Cambridge. This fall he will be an Associate Professor at Dartmouth (show off). He is off to Greenland again tomorrow and on all of his journeys he takes a camera and shoots film (video.) Talk about brutal conditions- Antartica, 24 hours of sun, reflecting snow. How do you get exposure?

He is also part of a documentary on the melting of the Greenland ice sheet- it's just 7 minutes long in this form, take a look, no Al Gore, but better. Visit his blog at

Of course he got his big break in film as a p.a. on Victimless Crimes-where he also played a cab driver and got a line. So take that Ivy League.



Bob said...

Hey Peter--
Thanks for the post! I'll start at Dartmouth in July 2008- I convinced them to let me finish writing a bunch of papers for this post-doc :)

see you soon...


PeterH said...


I had a sense you were coming here later. Good luck in Greenland.