Friday, March 28, 2008

Bathing with Bierko

Yep, that's my friend Craig Bierko washing John Malkovich's head. I am so proud of him.

I have known Craig for 25+ years. For four of those years we were either roommates or next door neighbors. We walked around the city of Boston- literally around the perimeter of the city- one night in support of a relationship gone bad. We made a short film together as seniors in college and then a few years later he starred in my film Victimless Crimes.

While I have been making TV commercials, documentaries and shaping the minds of young filmmakers, Craig has been in Hollywood and New York starring in films - In Cinderella Man he gets to be the bad guy opposite Russell Crowe, he did a season of Boston Legal, and is currently starring in the Fox show Unhitched. He has also starred in a couple of Broadway shows, most notably Harold Hill in The Music Man, for which he was nominated for a Tony award.

Last year about this time I was in L.A. and we were having breakfast (Craig and I have probably spent more time over Ham and Cheese Omelets (me) and Tuna Melts (him) than any two people should) when he told me of this idea of a talk show set in a bath tub.

Lo and behold a year later what shows up on my "Internets" than this talk show starring my friend Craig in a bath tub.

Check out all 2:45 of Bathing with Bierko here.