Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Production in Action

I am going to let the pictures tell the story today. The words below are from an incoming student. It is pretty straight forward. A film is being made. Students are watching. The dumb filmmaker is teaching, the dumb filmmaker and his partner, Jim are shooting the making of documentary.


Today I observed the production of The Collector. I witnessed firsthand the massive amount of coordination that it takes to create just a five minute short film. To my surprise, at least 25 people had their hands on this project. Perhaps even more astonishing, was the fact that this one week of shooting was preceded by three weeks of pre-production work and will be followed by another three weeks of post-production editing, computer graphics, sound editing, etc. Two months of dedicated labor for a five minute picture! It was just my first day of observing on set and I feel like I have already captured a great understanding of what takes place behind the scenes. Everyone specializes in a single aspect of the production and eventually all of their individual efforts will seamlessly tie together into a single work of art. I really look forward to seeing the final product!

Gabe Anello

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