Saturday, April 21, 2007

Keeper of the Kohn

Al Gore's internet (or is it the Information Superhighway? The Interweb?) does a fantastic job connecting people who would otherwise not know each other. Hardly news, but
I am still amazed by it.

A friend of mine from the gym told me about his friend, David Gaynes, in New York. David is also a filmmaker and we struck up an e-mail friendship. Last week we finally got around to trading DVDs. I sent him a copy of what's two +three?, my film about a learning disabled family member, and he sent me Keeper of the Kohn, his film about a challenged man who manages the Lacrosse team at Middlebury College in Vermont. It's a terrific film- funny, touching, sometimes sad. David does a great job humanizing Peter Kohn, you see him warts and all. It has won awards at film festivals. I encourage you to check it out.

Like many jobbing filmmakers, David is shooting for the Food Network and others as he raises money for his next film about the Hubble Telescope.

Please check out the link.



strunny said...

it does look really good - i'll let you know when i check it out. cool you guys just met like that.

PeterH said...

Please do check it out. Thanks for reading.


Layla (aka Barbara) said...

Hey, just found your blog, it's great. I have a lot of filmmaker friends. Have you ever heard of the Damah Film Festival?

PeterH said...

Never heard of Damah, please share. Thanks for stopping by.