Thursday, March 22, 2007


Check out Pete Townshend's blog! Not only is The Who great, but what Pete is doing with Rachel and In the Attic is pretty cool. If you can track down some of their webcasts from last summer's Who tour it will be worth your time.


Chuck Anthony said...

Hello Chicago neighbor. Pete's blog, wow, I never would have believed it. Thanks for the heads up! To your success in the film industry here, PH

AmyMeacham said...

Long Live Pete!!

Craig Bierko said...

I was Pete's college room-mate and he always told me his last name was Endewoolf. I thought it was so cool that my room-mate's name sounded like my favorite Burl Ives sing-a-long record (from my childhood, these days I much prefer The King Family sings The Warren Report). Anyhoozle, I'm "surfing" around the web-ernet looking for really cool "blogs" when who's picture do I see but good ol' Pete Endewoolf's, my room-mate from College! Only turns out his name isn't Endewoolf, it's Hawley! Well, there's nothing funny about that name. Hawley sounds like a deaf person choking or something. That's not funny. You should help deaf people when they choke, not laugh. Well, it's hard to stay angry at good old Pete, even though he lied to me all through college and for the following twenty years - still, for one, brief shining moment, I had a friend who didn't lie - until, of course, that turned out to be one big long lie. Anyway, great "blog," Pete!