Monday, March 26, 2007

Give Peace A Chance

A couple of days after the invasion of Iraq began I was driving down Western Ave. and let a car get in front of me. Instead of the courtesy wave he flashed me a peace sign. It was such a neat thing to do, I have stolen it and made it my own.

I am not as cool as that driver (as evidenced by my use of the word neat) - sometimes I end up giving people a sign that looks like number 2 and I am sure some think I am giving them the finger. Today a car I let get in front of me, pulled over and thanked me for the Peace sign and she said she was going to start doing it too.




Wonder Woman said...

Wow! I tried using the peace sign and people are so much nicer to you when you flash the peace than when you shake your fist. ;) I'm converted. Peace & Love.

PeterH said...

Told Ya. Thanks for checking me out.


Delon said...

I would use the peace sign, think i'll try it next time. But to avoid the carnage, it try to keep both hands on the wheel.

PeterH said...


Thanks for stopping by. How did you find me?


vice said...

Peter, I think you may have started something. I too find myself to be a 'peace sign thanker' after reading your post.
Good idea, I hope it catches on!

PeterH said...


Thanks for the comment. I don't think we can ever have too much peace.


Nick said...

haha right on.

Lyn said...

I have been doing it for years, and you are right, sometimes people in a glance think that you are flipping them off!!! Funny... I love Chi town, Navy Pier and well, the entire place is great!

DariDonovan said...

That is awesome. Thanks for directing me to the post. Spread peace around, it is contagious.

In Peace,
Dariana Donovan
CODEPINK: Women For Peace
Peoria, IL