Friday, March 30, 2007

Film Students, Film Worries

There are about six weeks left in the spring semester and my students are about to shoot their final films. Mostly, they are beginning to worry about their grades. I understand their concerns- I worried about my grades, too- but guys you are in FILM SCHOOL. Worry about making a good film and your grade will take care of itself. There are a lot of things to worry about in this world, getting an A- or B+ on the midterm is not one of them.

Did Monet get better grades at lycee than Monnet's and that's why Monet's hang on the wall, while Monnet hangs at the bar? No, to paraphrase Shakespeare, "The film's the thing. Wherein I'll catch the conscious of the king."

Make a good film. Have a good weekend. See you in class.



Jolenesiah said...

great lecturer... at least result is not everything... :D

PeterH said...

You need to ask my students- who I know read this- about me as a lecturer, but I get by.

Thanks for visiting.


mrliteral said...

I can only speak for myself, but I've never once considered my grade in your class; I've only thought about the films - about working on them, and being happy with the results.

I have thought about my grades in other classes, usually at those moments when I realize I've been spending a lot of time on film projects, which I thoroughly enjoy, and not so much time readying/studying/preparing for Ancient Mythology, which is harder to get excited about.

But don't tell my Ancient Mythology professor; I'm concerned about my grade...


PeterH said...

Mr. Literal,

Mums the word to Prof. Mythology. Is there a modern mythology class?

How'd the shoot go?


mrliteral said...

The shoot was good, and we managed to avoid the rain. But that's a tentative 'good' until I see the footage...

A class in modern mythology? Yes, there is, but I believe it's called Psychology of Women.

That's a JOKE, the book titled "What Men Know About Women" that's two hundred forty-seven pages long, all of them blank?