Monday, June 2, 2008

Flashpoint Academy Year 1: that's a wrap!

Hello again, it's been awhile since I have written. Thanks for your patience and all the emails asking where I have been, I hope this helps explain somethings.

This past Saturday, May 31, Flashpoint Academy celebrated the successful completion of our first academic year with an event we called Flashbash.

During the afternoon we presented work from all four Flashpoint disciplines- Film, Recording Arts, Game Development and Visual FX & Animation. In addition we screened our two Production in Action films, The Collector and The Intruder, and a highlight reel of all the special events held at school during the previous nine months.

Here are some numbers from the Film Department:

62: Student film productions produced and edited.

32: Film Students that began and September and survived until June.

14: Film Students who began classes in January.

8: Making of The Intruder documentaries created by the fall film students.

4: Making of Not A Pretty Face documentaries produced by January students.

2: Weeks until June 16 when those January students return and begin the push through the summer during which they will make a second film, a music video, and learn Avid.

1: Tired Chair of the Flashpoint Academy Film Department.



Anonymous said...

Great to see you blogging again, and great to meet you this weekend!

Have you been doing much outside work in addition to the school? If so, my guess is that you've figured out a way to sleep every third day...


How many students does your school have?

Dark Knight said...

Hey, thst's great news! I'll probably be a student in 2010, or 11. I just hope you change your time schedule to 40 hours, instead of 55, 65. But otherwise, great news.

PeterH said...

Hi All,

Thank you for reading. Flashpoint has about 150 students currently in four disciplines. We are adding Broadcast (TV) in the fall. We are anticipating another 300 or so students beginning in September.


joker 007 said...

Are your Film programs mentally hard? Is what dark knight posted true, about it being 55, 65 hours, and not 40 as your school says.

Congrats for your first year!!!!

PeterH said...

I don't know what "mentally hard" means, but sure Flashpoint is a time commitment, but that's why you get through in 2 years.

I work full time as a Film Professor and then again as a filmmaker- what's that add up to 60 hour weeks? BUT I love it and it's fun, not mentally hard, just busy.

I hope this makes sense.


denise said...

congratulations, my friend! well done, and awesome to see your blog! (of course, this was the one day i hadn't checked until you mentioned it!)

nobodyknows said...

How is your school any different from Illinois Art Institute: they have a digital filmmaking program; and get you a great internship, and make sure that you, the student, get a great job. Please tell me, what is the BIG difference?!?!

Congrats on one year!

Beth said...

I'm so happy you have enough time to blog again. Peter you are a fantastic Professor!