Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Film Production 2

The Flashpoint Academy film students just finished production on their second films. This is a picture from the set one day last week.

Before they embarked on these films I sat in on a series of production meetings and was struck by how much the students have grown since their first productions last November. I would like to chalk it up to brilliant teaching on my part, but in fairness I think the students did most of the heavy lifting on this one. Of course they learned from their first films, but then in January and February they observed and worked with professionals on the set of The Intruder, our Production-in-Action film, and finally in the weeks leading up to this production they pulled it all together.

We had a group meeting before they set out where all the Film and Recording Arts came together and I told them how I was witnessing their transformation from film students into filmmakers. This transformation was evident all over the place; in their language- I have never heard as many people throw around the term "script lock" before and in their demeanor- they stood taller, they were more confident. They didn't assume anything, but sought out answers to problems. This attitude was a big difference from their last productions.

This week and for the next two the students are huddled around their Avids editing the films with delivery set for April 18. It's exciting to watch their progression, but at the same time I hope the students reflect on their own personal growth and development. They have come a long way in a very short time.



Anonymous said...

See please here

Anonymous said...

Hey Peter,

How many pages do your students write for their screenplays. Did you help them write their screenplays?

Also, how many projects does each individual student make (write, direct, etc)?

grindhouse2 said...


i want to be a filmmaker, but im a little neverous. i dont know if can do it.

i want to be a film editor, i practice on my dell computer (sony vegas 7), but i dont know if im capable of actually becoming one. my father tells to go college and get a masters degree in business, but i dont want to. i want to be a filmmaker.

one reason why: i cant sit down and take tests - being timed - i get neverous and start to cringe.
how does you teach?
what do i have to do to prepare for your school?

I would really like to hear your response, thanks.


denise said...

nice! kudos to you and your filmmakers!

PeterH said...

Typically the student shorts are 5-7 pages. The shorter the better. And yes, the screenwriting faculty assist with the scripts- like any good teacher would. The students make three films the first year, more the second year and a variety of extra-curricular film projects during the course of their time at school.

Mr. Grindhouse set up an appointment at Flashpoint- you won't know until you see for yourself if it is right for you.


GrandDaddy said...

Do the students have free time after school, or do they work/study (at home and at school) 24/7?
Also. How well educated does s/he have to be? Do students have to know advanced algebra, calculus, etc. Or can they just know the basics. I ask this because I'm not good at algebra I & II, I know a little, but not a lot. I also don't have a large volcabulary. -And my writing is not all that good. Is this a problem for me?

Thanks, GrandDaddy.

Boyo Boy said...


Do the students finance their own projects, or does the school finance them?

And could I become a student, even though I don't know much about storytelling, or filmmaking, for that matter.


Beth said...

Wanted to say thanks for teaching us. I can hardly believe how far I've come in such a short period of time. Your teaching skills are unstoppable.