Saturday, September 1, 2007

Laboring On

It is Labor Day weekend and for most of us that means a work holiday on Monday. Those of us in the freelance filmmaking or college building businesses never seem to get a day off, there is always something to do or something to think about, but at least I don't need to go into the office. I am splitting my work time this weekend imagining my first few weeks of teaching and then writing a proposal for the city of Aspen, CO which wants a documentary on their historic preservation program.

I joke frequently with my colleagues that I don't like to work and I really don't like teaching (if it wasn't for the students teaching would be great!) But that's not true I love both jobs and being a working filmmaker makes me a better teacher and vice versa.

My work time is generally filled creating things and making something (a college, a film, a class schedule) out of nothing. I get to work with clever and creative people who never fail to surprise me with their ingenuity and good humor. My big work complaints these days are along the lines of "Dan, the internet is down " and "What do you mean a January start- it can't be done!"

No, my job is easy and positively cushy compared to coal miners and firemen, and single welfare moms and day field laborers. They are the ones who deserve a day off with pay, so happy Labor Day and thank you for your hard work.


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Kali said...

If Aspen, Colorado really wants a doc on their historical preservation society, please get the job and expose what criminals they are! You want to build a big-ass mansion that looks like a cheesy Grecian Temple, and RUIN THE MOUNTAINOUS LANDSCAPE?
Just grease the palms of the people who have the power to approve it! You also may want to comment on their highway of an eyesore that runs through Snowmass and Woody Creek. Its so loud, gone is the peacefulness.