Thursday, September 13, 2007

Circle of Life

"Old Man look at my life, I am a lot like you were."

I heard that Neil Young song recently and those lyrics really hit home.

40 some years ago my dad and mom packed up their relatively comfortable New England lives and left their families behind to move to Kentucky (From Boston to KY even today that sounds crazy!) so my dad could help start a progressive private school called The Lexington School. A dozen years later my dad moved across town to rival Sayre School and helped shape that school. Today those are the two best schools in the state of Kentucky.

So here I am, nearly 12 years into teaching at one of the largest and best films schools in the United States and I up and leave its relative safety to move uptown and to join a progressive upstart. In a day I went from the biggest film school in the world to the smallest. One of my parent's friends even asked if I should wait to take the job until Flashpoint became established.

What am I, nuts?

If I heard Neil Young's "Cowgirl in the Sand" would it be different? Probably not. I think it is in my blood to challenge students and challenge myself and to look at new ways to present material. In short, old man take a look at my life I am a lot like you.



Kali said...

I remember seeing Neil Young and the Blue Notes three times at what was once called The Garden State Art Center. Thanks for reminding me of him. I bet your a great professor...very passionate about what you do!

denise said...

i bet your dad smiled when he read this. i think that song has a lot of resonance with a lot of people...

DeltaDawn said...

Had the same moment recently as I drove into Arlington Cemetery to visit dad - and this song came on the radio.... Ah life - incredible and surprising that I can now happily say the same.

Rose said...


ohh said...

Yes, I did smile.

Theresa111 said...

Peter, Best wishes. Good for you!
Vivid Visualization.

Seventeen words to change your life.

"For Things To Change You Must Get A Picture Of What You Want Them To Change To."

Quote by: Joe Syverson (2000)