Thursday, July 19, 2007

Danny Boyle Interview

Here is my interview with Danny Boyle. Some side notes: I had 10 minutes with him. I was sandwiched between the ABC reporter and the CBS reporter. His microphone fell off during my intro so I did it a second time (not as well). His camera didn't stop rolling so it rolled out of tape with 15 seconds left. My camera rolled out on my last word. When I say I had 10 minutes, I had 10 minutes, the camera crew used 10-minute long tapes. We were probably rolling 45 seconds after I entered the room.

For a guy who is typically behind the scenes I did OK. Danny enjoyed it enough to send over an autographed poster. Let me know your thoughts. It's nine and a half minutes long. We discuss his film Sunshine, collaboration, sound design and how to get into the business. I previously embedded the clip here, but I think following the link is easier. It is 9 and a half minutes long.



csbaron said...

It is great to see you in action. I just found out that one of your past students is nominated for an Emmy this year.

Dennis G. said...

Great Interview.

I'm so excited to attend flashpoint!