Saturday, June 23, 2007

An Old Guy Named Peter

If, like me, you like old guys named Peter who enjoy a drink or three and are charming, witty and flirtatious then you will probably like the film Venus. Peter O'Toole basically plays Peter O'Toole, an actor nearing the end of his days, who develops a relationship with his best friend's grand-niece, a 20-something country girl. Think Pygmalion with a few fingers of whiskey and a nice little role for Vanessa Redgrave.

I have always liked Peter O'Toole and Richard Harris and those English/Irish actors who were steeped in the classics, yet can do broad comedy. To me American male movie stars are boring and one dimensional, but just look at O'Toole, add a cigarette and a cocktail and let him go. Does Tom Cruise compare?

Another reason to see Venus is that you just don't get many films about older people dealing (or not dealing) with their mortality. Wrestling Ernest Hemingway with Robert Duvall and Richard Harris is well worth seeing for just that reason. In that film Richard Harris basically plays Richard Harris who uses Robert Duvall as his foil. It's fun and features Sandra Bullock in one of her first film roles.

See both films and you won't be disappointed. Then imagine which American actor could play those roles and get back to me.



Theresa111 said...

These two movies, Peter, are they in the movie theaters or on DVD? I am with you on the really good leading men. They don't make actors the way they used to.

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Joe and I went to the 10PM showing of Pirates #3. We were quite entertained. So much confusing action, but enjoyable.

Take care.

denise said...

Ian McKellan and Vanessa Redgrave were pretty amazing in Gods and Monsters...